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Workshops Intuitive Sculpting for teams and organisations

For organisations IntoTuition offers workshops Intuitive Sculpting for Team Building and as part of Training Programmes, for example  (Personal) Leadership, Change Management, Values, Theory U. 

Workshops from IntoTuition contribute to consciousness of own behaviour and patterns. The sculpture process works as a metaphor for processes in personal life and work. In order to change you may need to make space and look from a different perspective. By literally making space in the stone, you see the shapes change and you start looking in a different way. Not only to your stone, but also to yourself and each other. The process connects people in a relaxed manner. The sculpture forms a tangible reminder of the experiences gained.

For more information, please call +31 297 255967 or e-mail info@intotuition.nl 


“Marjolein arranged 2 workshops for different international management teams. The management teams were very enthusiastic about the process of making a sculpture but also about the results! Marjolein has given suggestions and guidance when needed and let the creative process flow when possible. The main topic during the workshops was handling change and adjust to new situations. A very important item in the day to day business of the management teams. Being confronted with a totally new situation (making a sculpture) the attendees did fall back on their basic attitude towards challenges and change. This was confronting for the attendees and very clarifying for me as responsible VP. Albeit a very useful way of experiencing change processes and a lot of fun!”

Peter Glissenaar, Corporate Vice-President Services, Unit 4